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Ciku Muiruri Speaks After Djmo's Expose

The queen of busted, ciku Muiruri has today opened up about men and what she had to go through, this is after Djmo's exposee yesterday.

She said many people went on about the look of the girl that he was allegedly cheating on with while men cheat just because they want to its not because of looks.

She gave the story on her Facebook page today of how one of her neighbours used to sneak in her house while she was at work at night and sleeping with her househelp the wife found out and shockingly she was okay with that because she thought he was going to cheat with Ciku.

"I used to do a late-night show when I first started on radio. While I was at work, my neighbour used to sneak into my house to have relations with my house help. His wife knew and never caused about it because she thought he was sneaking into my house to sleep with me. (??)" She posted

She later found out that it was the househelp after realising Ciku was at work and she gir very furious and stoned her house and that's when she told her all the story.

Men usually cheat on reasons that does not involve you and your looks it's just what they want that no one can ever explain mostly is the luck of self control.

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Ciku Ciku Muiruri


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