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Zora Season Finale: Madiba Is Arrested and While Lila and Fill Vow to Fight for Him.

Madiba was from the cell when he came to notice that Zalena has escaped and the police are coming for her. When Mr. Ogolla came with the boys he asked the whereabouts of Zalena and he was told that Zalena has escaped and he sent the boys to go look for her inside the house.

The boys came with negative results and Madiba was arrested instead. Lila and Filla were so shocked to see their dad being arrested and he has not been found with any offense. Before Mr. Ogolla with his boys get out of the compound Madiba's phone rang and it was Hamida calling him to inform him about Zalena being in her house.

Mr. Ogolla went to arrest them but she had already escaped. He followed her and he found her in the push trying the make a call. Zalena had no otherwise but Surrender to the hand of the police. This drama is coming to an end because Madiba will be released. After all, Zalena is found and Zora will. marry him.

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