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Mtumba Man (Mayau Dreamchaser) Got Empty Promises? Goes live To Claim All is Not Well, Deletes Video

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Just some few days ago was when the mtumba man clip of him selling his mtumbas went viral and that's how he got the chance to be popular. Something that felt like luck to him since he got the chance to work with a clothing company in Nairobi, Devine Collections, whereby he was given a job opportunity with them, a house and a salary in top of it, just to work with them.

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Yesterday he however went live on his IG and opened up about being lured to leave his job as a mtumba man back in Kondele after being given empty promises. It is said that the house he was given was even paid and he had to pay it by himself although he had no money and fans were allegedly contributing to him. He has however deleted the video and changed the tune saying that all is well and that he might have had high expectations but to the problems he had with them are already sorted. Something that has left his fans confused and here are some of the reactions:

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