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Maria: Never Call This Number Again You Witch

The episode starts as Brenda is seen walking to her house after visiting her mother in jail. as she is on her way home, her phone rings on answering it, it was Delilah who was calling her, Delilah stars by telling her that she needs her help. Brenda tells her to come down and explains everything to her so that she can figure out how to help her. Delialh starts telling her how Victor is misusing her, beating her and giving her a lot of tasks to complete.

Angry Brenda tells her to come and do as Victor tells her to do and by doing these you will earn his trust. As they are talking Victor hears her and walks towards Delilah he takes her phone and tells Brenda never to call her again and if he tries he calls he will go for her. Victor hangs up on the phone as Brenda is seen talking to herself not knowing what to do next after all that Victor told her.

Victor turns to Delilah and asks her why did she call Brenda without her consent? Delilah looks at him crying and tells him that she is my friend and I was talking to her to know how she is doing. He looks at her and tells her to follow him to the house to explain to him why. Angry Delilah with no option follows him to the house not knowing what he will do for him.

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