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Zora: " Neema Kazi Kwisha" Neema Is Fired

Today episodes starts with Neema taking food to Lila and Fila. Oliver will be following her and Ogolla sees him and tries to signal Neema but she did not understand him.

Oliver questions Ogolla about Fila and Lila and who brought them into his house since he was put in the gate for security. Ogolla explains to him that their father Madiba brought them. Ogolla phone starts to ring and will be Madiba calling, Oliver demands him to take the call. Ogolla stammers and then tells Madiba the gate is open.

Madiba will come hiding himself but Oliver will have already seen him, he calls him and ask him who gave the permission to enter into his house. Madiba will not have anything to say then Oliver tells him to get out from his house.

Oliver calls both Ogolla and Neema. Oliver tells Ogolla that he should start leaving because it's not too late for him to reach to their village but Ogolla defends himself and says that it was Neema who allowed Fila and Lila to sleep in his house. Neema says Ogolla is lying but Oliver tells her that she is fired and she has 5 minutes to leave the compound and she should follow whoever brought her in the house. Oliver will leave and Ogolla tells Neema that she should hurry because her time is gone. Neema will be left surprised not knowing where to go.

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