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Ndovu Kuu Explains Why His Head Is Always Covered

Christopher Thande,Krispah a.k.a Ndovu Kuu is one of Kenya's music producer's and rapper.Undeniably he rose to the ranks of fame after producing his song, "Ndovu ni Kuu" which garnered him alot of views on social media and attention from fans.

His song did so well in YouTube,as many people watched it , and this saw YouTube give him an award after having over a million views.

His famous song however,met a few challenges.First was when it got pulled down from YouTube over copyright, but later got returned and received massive viewership.The other one was because of some of the lyrics in his song.

"Hakunanga masomo KU nimekata",the lyrics had students reviewing if they still wanted to join the campus but despite the opinion the song may have created,Krispah stood by his lyrics unapologetically.

So recently on the Nairobi gossip club page, someone raised a concern on why Krispah always has his head covered and almost never reveals it.

Krispah must have read the concern from somewhere,as he posted a video addressing Nairobi gossip club saying he usually covers his head because, he has a huge bald head and is waiting for his beards to grow.

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