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Best DC Universe movies and series

If you love movies and tv shows we can say that all productions have their best types/genres of the shows produced.For example;how HBO is commonly known for their historical or epic series,CW for their fictional dramas e.t.c.When it comes to action movies or animations we have Marvel and DC comics.

All DC comic's, warner's bro production from animations,movies or their action tv shows are good, but there are those movies that we can watch over and over and never get bored with them right?We are just going to state the five we consider the best of their movies.One thing's for sure,it won't be as easy as we think.

1.Batman animated films.

There are so many batman films all thanks to DC comics.Batman,a superhero character,who we all know that he is from Gotham City.According to Gotham,a tv show with complete five seasons,gives us the background story about Bruce Wayne,who becomes Batman.

For one to become a superhero,he must face different villains who makes their city not suitable for people to live in with how they destroy the city and he can get help from other superheroes in order to defeat these villains .Therefore,DC made it best to have films where Batman faces the different villains or where he gets help from others.

Some of the films include;

Batman Gotham by the gaslight

Batman Hush

Batman under the red hood

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman vs Superman

and many more.

2.Justice league.

Aquaman,Batman,Wonder woman,Cyborg,Superman and The flash(from right to left).

This is a team of superheroes by DC.It's original members were seven;The Flash, Aquaman,Green Lantern,Wonder Woman,Martian Manhunter,Superman and Batman. When competing aliens were sent to see who could conquer and become the new ruler of Earth,it brought attention to the superheroes.They decided that by working together they could defeat the aliens and attacks.

Cyborg,The Flash,Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern,Aquaman(from right to left).

From then they were able to work together as a team when similar attacks happened.They were joined and helped by other DC's superheroes such as:Hawkgirl,Hawkman,The Atom,Black Canary and many more.Later,Cyborg replaced Martian in the founding members.

Just like Batman,Justice League have various films with other supeheroes or villains.

3.Swamp thing.

It is a superhero,horror tv show,based kn DC Comics character,Swamp thing.It is about a CDC doctor,Abigail Arcane,investigating a horrific life-threatening epidemic in her hometown.A deadly swamp-borne virus, where she develops a bond with disgraced scientist Alec Holland while facing her past again.

After Alec tragically dies,Abby discovers the mysteries of the swamp and the swamp thing who claims to be Alec.

Despite this show being one of the best,it was cancelled after its premier releasing complete 10 episodes.


It is a tv show that gives us the original background of Superman's home years before it was destroyed.In this series we see Superman's grandfather,Seg-El,fighting to redeem his family honor after the House of El is ostracized and shamed.Seg must work with the system that discarded the Hous of El to protect their family legacy.

This show was cancelled after its second season.

5.Dc's Legends of Tomorrow.

It is a superhero tv show that is about Rip Hunter,a time traveller,who chooses some superheroes and villains in order to save the world and time from Savage's evil plan to cause chaos.One question that will come to mind is ,how are villains going to help in saving the world?

Well Rip hunter chose them not to become heroes but to be legends.These chosen people;White Canary,Atom,Firestorm(Prof.Martin Stein and Jefferson,Snart(Captain Cold),Rory(Heatwave),Hawkgirl and Hawkman travel in time and different parts of the world to save the Earth's future and also to stop Savage's evil plan.It is in its 6th season.

As stated earlier it was not going to be easy to choose the best.Wait for part 2 as we venture more into DC production films.If you have not yet watched or you have missed out on some of the shows be sure to go check it out during your movie time.

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CW DC Gotham City.According HBO


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