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Kenyan celebrities You Probably didn’t know Are Siblings In Real Life

Celebrities always entertain us, and we would have been bored without them. Some celebrities have made their lives public, while other celebrities have made their lives private. They always hide their relatives, especially those who's celebrities are very active. Let us look at some celebrities who are related, and many people are not aware of their relationship.

1. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi.

They earn their living through comedy, and they were performing at Churchill show. Eric Omondi always make people laugh, therefore they always love him. Je always mimic the characteristics of famous people, and he always do it perfectly.

Fred Omondi like singing rhyme poems, and people would complete the rhymes. They got entertained a lot, therefore they always watched these two duos.

Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi are brothers, and many people don’t know that. They always live a low life, therefore many people are not aware of it.

2. Holy Dave and Joey Muthengi.

Holy Dave works as a musician in Kenya, and he has earned a lot of respect. He chose to sing gospel, because he loves spreading the word of God. Holy Dave has become very famous in Kenya, and many people always admire him.

He is a passionately youth, and he is living as a good role model. He also works at citizen television, so he was given the role of being a TV host. He was hosting Bambika show, and many people loved the show. He has a sister, and people don’t know her well. She is called Joey Muthengi, and she also worked at citizen television.

She co-hosted 10 over 10 show, and she deed a wonderful work. She is the sister of Holy Dave, because they came from one mother. They have been living a low profile life, and many people aren’t aware of their relationship

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