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Husband and wife relationship

Zora: " Dangerous Woman" Zora's Mother's Sees Witch Doctor For Love Portion

Zora's mother and Mr.Simba were married and had one daughter named Zora but their marriage was broken because Zora's mother was greedy of money and Mr. Simba could not afford those days. Zora's mother left Mr. Simba for other rich men.

Mr.Simba worked hard and succeeded in life and become very rich man and got married again to a beautiful wife. They both lived together happily until Zora's mother almost ruined it but she never succeeded because Mr. Simba embarrassed her live in fronts of her new wife.

Zora's mother got angry and in today's episodes she will go and see a witch doctor for Mr. Simba to love her again.

The Witch Doctor will give her some love portion and give instructions and she should follow them without any fail. She should go to Mr.Simbas house with the medicine with white lesso ,red handkerchief on his head with no any shoes and she should not be seen by anyone. Zora's mother will leave the place after given her medicine.

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Dangerous Woman


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