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The Gospel of Prosperity On The Rise

  (Jeremiah 6:13-14) From the least to the greatest everyone is given to covetness, from prophets to the priests they are dealing forcely with the force gospel. Judgement is at the door but these men of God are standing on the pulpit saying peace, peace, good times are ahead, there given to covetness.

  Covetness is to acquire, accumulate, get more today. We would call it materialism, a doctrine that preaches ultimate happiness can be achieved through worldly position and wealth. If you have alot money, better car, better house your happier. 

   This humanistic doctrine is moving like wild fire, writers, teachers and preachers saying its about being successful. If you really know your bible you have to change your image. you've got to dream bigger dreams like you've never dreamt.

  While the biggest dream of a kid in an orphanage I visited in Romania, is having milkshake. They were about 25 children in that orphanage singing a song they had learnt in English. Just a milkshake is the dream of that child.

  But the gospel we are being taught is dreaming big and bank accounts. Is this the gospel of Christ Jesus? We come with material desire, humanistic gospel. God wants you to be rich!!!

  Sell what you have and give to the poor, God said to Jeremiah " Is this house called by my name? Den of robbers. Am not blind about it. Every man for himself." In Jeremiah 1 says " they have lied about the lord. Prophecies are given to covetness, lied about the lord, it's not him. Evil will not come apon us." 

  (Jeremiah 5: 12-13) Disaster will not come apon us, that's not God speaking. They are lying on the pulpit to fill the congregation. They preach what people want to hear. They ask them what to remove in their sunday service for them to feel comfortable.

  They have brought the world to church to attract more congregations. It's all about money not transforming lives and saving souls for the kingdom of God. They come up with programs to fit what people want hear and do. 

  If the worship time and prayers are so long we can make it short if the people are not comfortable. we can sing secular music to accommodate the youth and attract more of them. But is this really the gospel of Christ?

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