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Divorce Affair

The Crazy Amount KRG's Ex-Wife Want As Spousal Support Days After Taking Back Audi He Gifted Her

KRG the Don. [All Images | Courtesy]

Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Stephen Karuga Kimani who is commonly known as KRG the Don filled for a divorce from his wife Linah Wanjiru Kiruthi a few weeks ago and since then it has been a lot of dram from the duo.

KRG has always been posting on social media with his two boys arguing that their mother left them and he will take good care of them by himself.

A few days ago, he then posted a video of him in an Audi Q7 which was a gift to his now Ex-Wife Linah stating that he had to take it back since she cannot even afford it.

In retaliation, Linah has since asked the flamboyant musician to pay for her monthly expenses as a monthly Spousal support fee amounting to about Ksh. 350,000 as they await for divorce.

''Krg's Estranged Wife Lina Wants Ksh 350,000 Per Month In Spousal Support amid Divorce. Linah wants the cash to cover her monthly expenses, here's the breakdown:

''House Rent Ksh 160,000. Groceries, food, fruits and dry grain Ksh 50,000. Milk Ksh 25,000. Clothing Ksh 50,000. Electricity Ksh 30,000. Water Ksh 15,000. Toiletries Ksh 20,000.'' As posted by local Blogg Nairobi Gossip.

The father of two reacted to the proposal stating that she will not get anything after all that she has done and most of all, leaving him with the kids alone.

Linah. [All Images | Courtesy]

''I don't who told people you can maintain AN Ex-wife who has been sleeping around with Tom, D** and Harry leaving behind my kids so you can go out and drink with useless people.'' KRG ranted on his official Instagram account.

He added that he has a lot of evidence to wrap it up that she might just faint in court after finding out.

''I wish they knew how much information & evidence I have against them they will see it in court n just collapse.'' KRG continued.

Kenyans have since been surprised by the crazy amount that the lady needs for her monthly expenditure arguing that this is very unrealistic and just pure extortion. Asking why does she need a lot of money for just milk and rent.

KRG the Don and Linah. [All Images | Courtesy]

What do you think about this amount?

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