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Divorce Affair

Zora: Master Helps Simba Out of Fella's House

The episode begins when Zora received a court order instructing her to let Simba go to his father's house because Fella had won the case of their child's custody. She didn't dare to break the news to Simba and had to sort for assistance from Master.

Zora went to see Fella and talk to him about the custody of Simba. However, Fella was receptive to the idea and promised to first sign a divorce so that she can allow her to nurture her love for Madiba then get married. He also promised to hand over Simba to her once she has settled down in her new marriage.

Master vowed to help Zora and stand by her until he ensures that Simba was back. He convinced Zora to follow the court order and allow Simba to be with his father. Later on, he will go for Simba in Fella's house and bring him to her without any problems.

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