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Sultana:Sada Captures Asia While Trying To Escape

In Monday's episode, Bi Ua will wake out of bed after three days of coma. Asia will be shocked because Bi Ua already is aware JJ is not her biological son but Sultana. Asia thinks her life is finished because Bi Ua may inform Major.

Asia thinks the best option is to run away before Major finds the truth. She goes to her room and packs all her clothes. Asia will get out and makes sure no one has seen her.

Asia will close the main door but Sada will find her. Asia will be shocked and Sada asks her where she is going. Asia tells her that she is taking some clothes to Salama. Sada orders her to open the bag she might have stolen from them but Asia tells her is only carrying Sultana and Salama's clothes. Asia doesn't want Major to find the clothes because he may burn them like JJ's Marriage certificate.

Asia informs Sada that JJ got married to Sultana while in the hospital. Sada tells her she is going nowhere because she heard Bi Ua talking. Asia requests her to allow leave but Sada tells her to hurry and get back in the house.

Bi Ua was trying to escape but Sada has ruined everything.

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