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Meet The Two Beautiful Kids Of Professor Hamo And Jemutai Comedian


Through an online revelation by Jemutai we came to understand her past relationship with Professor Hamo his baby daddy. It was also then that she revealed Hamo as a deadbeat or rather a dad who doesn't support his kids.

Both Jemutai and Hamo are well known comedians who work under the Churchill Show hosted by Churchill. However, we've not seen them recently on our televisions because of reduced shows due to covid-19.

While the two former lovebirds are stirring heated conversations online, how about you meet their two kids. The two kids are so pretty and adorable.

According to Jemutai, she has been a single mother her whole life adding that recently life has hit her hard due to covid-19 effects on the industry to a point she wanted to sell her Facebook account to start a business.

Many weren't aware of Hamo being the father to the kids especially after she denied him publicly in an interview saying Hamo is not her baby daddy rather a fellow comedian who she looks up to.

Well, here are the two beautiful children and you can say they are 'mali safi' and have a close resembrace of their parents.


He is the oldest of Jemutai's kids and boy ain't he adorable.


This is the second baby and I tell you, she is a gem.

I wonder why Hamo will abandon such cute babies and fail to support them but I also ask myself why Jemutai denied at first that he wasn't his baby daddy only to accept it when things got tough.

With more stories bound to develop, we'll follow closely to know what happens next and if the two will put their differences aside and take care of the children.

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