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Elizabeth Michael's Husband Face Major Scandal Amid Welcoming Newborn Baby

Majizo & His wife Elizabeth Michael {Courtesy}

Today is indeed a happy day for Majizzo and his wife Elizabeth Michael after getting their newborn baby boy known as "G".

The famous Bongo movie star, Elizabeth Michael has got the baby 1 month earlier before time through a C-section operation since she was tired of waiting and this is costing her 1 million Tanzanian shillings daily until she is discharged from the hospital.

His husband who is the CEO of EFM Tanzania is the one paying for her medical bills, but this has raised eye brows among his employees and have already started complaining of not getting paid their wages on time. They say that their boss is spending too much and yet they go months without being paid.

"Huyo Majizzo anamlipia mke wake 1 million per day na wedding gown sijui 12 million tena gauni Mbili lakini mishahara analipa after 40 days hata saa zengine analimbikiza hata miezi mbili," said one employee who used Mange Kimambi to expose him.

The Efm radio employees narrated how they used to enjoy alot before their boss got married to the Bongo Movie star.

A wife is very important but the employees are also very important since they have various bills to settle.

The worst thing is that his employees are suffering and yet they fear to tell him their problems for fear of losing their jobs.

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Bongo Elizabeth Michael Elizabeth Michael Courtesy Huyo Majizzo Mange Kimambi


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