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Akothee Speaks on Her Alleged Association With Saudi Arabia Slavery

The story about Diana Chepkemoi shook the country and once again brought to the limelight the struggles women undergo while seeking green pastures abroad and most especially in gulf countries. The agencies taking the girls to these countries have been put all the blame for neglecting their employers after taking them there. Musician Akothee was accused of being an agent.

Allegations of his association with an agency known as pacific had many pointing fingers and accusing her of taking advantage of Kenyans' situations.

"Most Tours& Travels company owners also own Recruitment Agencies that take our girls to Saudi Arabia. Example is Akothe with her "Akothee Safaris" as a travels company that operates under a Recruitment Agency called Pacific. It is the money from Pacific that powers Akothe Safaris," claimed the allegations.

 The large living artist has come out strongly to deny the allegations. in a sarcastic post on her social media Akothee said she was never been to Saudi Arabia and the claims were false.

"I will google where Saudi Arabia is so I start making trips there, I think I have visited Dubai twice,& I don't even like it myself 🤣looks like there is a lot of money there. In the meantime CHOOSE A STRUGGLE. I am not the government nor do I have solutions for Kenyans. Did you see me on a ballot box? ," Akothee ranted.

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