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Uproar After Mike Sonko Posts This Video Clip Featuring Rastafarian Gambian Presidential Candidate

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has set internet ablaze after posting a video featuring Gambian Presidential candidate Bankole Yao Jojo Ahadzie popularly known as 'Banky' during a interview with a Gambian media reporter

"Rasta don't come to bow, we come to conquer. Alot of people on social media did not even do any background work on me, they just dismiss me because of my appearance. So maybe, and I did say that in the press conferences, maybe you should listen to what I have to say, maybe you should dig into my background before you decide, because if you check it, all the people that have been here before know how to dress impeccably, but this country is still frustrating most of us. So what we need is somebody who is not that well-dressed but has better intentions. I have the better intentions.

The appearance is not everything, do not judge the book by the cover. I am a Gambian and I qualify to stand for president just like anybody else that is standing. And before I started everybody else was saying, well, if you are serious about being president, maybe you should consider cutting off your hair, Gambia is too conservative they wouldn't accept the rastaman, but is the rastaman or the dreadlocks that gave me all the attention, and the 17 parties are still struggling for attention.

You see there is this saying that says Science advances one death at a time, so if an existing scientist sits here and creates 'a' and says that, you know, 'X' equals to Y, he will defend that until he dies, even if it's wrong. So if you know that X is not equal to Y, but actually equal to Z and you point it out, they will squeeze you. It's the same with politics, it's human nature, people don't like to be wrong. They will believe in their wrong even if right is pointed at them...."Banky stated.

Netizens were wowed by his remarkable sense of eloquence, wisdom and unmatched choice of words during the interview. To get the whole conversation, click on the link below:

Here is a sample of the reactions on Facebook

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