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Meaning of FAQ, BAE, ASAP, OMG, LOL and Other WhatsApp Abbreviations

Hi, it's for sure mind-blowing to meet an acronym whose right meaning you can't figure out! You must have came across some word abbreviations on WhatsApp and wondered what their full meanings could be. It's for sure not a walk in park to trace out the meaning of some short forms. Unless you decide to assume or ask someone to help you out, otherwise you'll toil thinking.

In this article, I will elaborate to you the full meanings of most commonly used abbreviations in our WhatsApp group. Congrats for choosing to read this article for the abbreviations will never threaten your thoughts again.

Let's directly head to mastering their meanings one after the other.

1. FAQ. The first time I encountered this abbreviation in a WhatsApp group, I merely though someone had insulted the other. Little did I know the person meant Frequently Asked Question. So don't tense the next time one writes to you, "that is a FAQ."

2. YOLO. You might have engaged in an argumentative or normal chat with one at WhatsApp, only to find her/him tell you, 'YOLO siz! or YOLO bro!' what he)she actually meant is You Only Live Once.

3. BAE. One day while walking on highway with my colleagues, one lady besides me whispered to the other, "that's my BAE!" I was surprised if not confused. However what the lady meant was Before Anyone Else.

4. TBH. Have you ever insisted inquiring something from another person and later on he/she happens to write to you something like, 'TBH I don't know?' Ok what he/she actually meant is, To Be Honest I don't know.

5. LOL. Has someone ever lit a WhatsApp group and all you saw roaming around was something like 'hahahaa...LOL'. Alright, what LOL means is simply Laugh Out Loud.

6. FYI. Imagine after engaging in a conversation with a beautiful lady or a handsome male in a WhatsApp group she/he writes, 'FYI I don't need you!' This looks terrible but what the person actually meant is, For Your Information I don't need you.

7. OMG. Do I even need to explain this common of all commons! But since I personally used it even before I knew it's full meaning I will explain. It means Ooh My God! That's why you will always see "OMG" everytime something that arises surprise or panic appears on WhatsApp.

8. ASAP. This abbreviation will be seen on WhatsApp anytime one inquires something and needs it urgently. Has someone ever asked something from you and saw something like, 'I need my money ASAP!' what he/she said to you is, I need my money As Soon As Possible.

9. IDC. If you tell someone about something meaningful or warm him/her about some upcoming danger and the only thing he/she replies back is 'IDC', then the meaning is I Don't Care.

10. AMA. Some time back I was chatting with a given lady and I had to request if I could ask her a question. The only thing the lady replied back was, 'AMA'. I felt deserted and had to quit the chat. Little did I know what she meant was Ask Me Anything.

The list of abbreviations is endless. Mentioned above are among the most common. You can follow this channel to ensure you never miss basic to know things. Here are other additional WhatsApp abbreviations to master:

1. GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike

2. COB - Close of Business

3. 2MI - Too much information

4. TTYL- Talk to you later

5. W8 - Wait

6. ASL - Age/Sex/Location

7. ATM - At The Moment

8. B/c - Because

9. B/w - Between

10. CTN - Can't talk Now

11. CYE - Check Your Email

12. GMV - Got My Vote

13. IAC - In Any Case

14. NP - No Problem

15. NTN - No thanks Needed

16. TIA - Thanks in Advance

17. W/E - Whatever

18. W/O - Without

19. YNT - Why Not

20. TGIF - Thank God is Friday

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