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Here Is What Lulu Hassan Promised As Maria Drama Comes To End Today

Citizen TV Presentor and Maria Drama Producer Lulu Hassan has posted a message of appreciation to Maria fans as the TV Drama-Maria show ends today on Thursday. 

Hassan who is the CEO of Jiffy Pictures, the creation house behind Maria Drama, offered significant appreciation to fans for the help and love they have shown to the Drama since its introduction to the season finale. 

In her message, Lulu asked Maria fans to set themselves up for season two of the next Telenovela, that will be essentially around the corner. Maria will be replaced by Zora , another TV-execution formed and shown by Lulu Hassan's affiliation Jiffy Pictures. 

Maria Ends 


We are reminded that Darkness won't anytime drive out duskiness; no one yet light can. 

That the appraisal of worship will dependably be more grounded than the evaluation of contempt and if individuals can figure out some approach to scorn they can in like way be advised on the most fit methodology to appreciate. As Luwi and Maria make that strong advance, fundamentally an outpouring of help "Parenthood is an excursion aside from , you will simply try out beginning with one space then onto the following managing the indistinguishable toys all day long😊🤭 esteem the outing " 

As we settle on our last blind decision, this excursion has been a genuine trip with you the fans to thank for and for determinedly picking MARIA and remaining clung to watch your principle performance. We wanna say thank you and we are energetic you received a kick in return, we are happy we satisfied you. # season1down ......See you soon 🙏"shared Lulu Hassan. 

Maria tops with a wedding between Brian Ogana (Luwi Hausa) and Yasmin Said (Maria), as Boss William gets captured for the 'awful practices' he did in the show. 

Notwithstanding, the TV show leaves fans in assumption as Luwi gets shot subsequent to saying I DO to Maria, a story that will move over to Season two of Maria. 

Maria shows up at a goal coming about to revolving around a completely 374 Episodes , fundamentally in one season.

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