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'Ungengoja Hata Kidogo' Mulamwah Introduces New Girlfriend Just Hours After Ex Confirmed Breakup

Kendrick Mulamwah with Carrol. [All Images | Courtesy]

Kenyan comedian David Oyando who is commonly known as Kendrick Mulamwah has just introduced his new girlfriend to the public after dating Carrol Sonie for more than 4 years.

This comes just a few hours, a difference of about 5 hours since Ex-Lover Carrol Sonie took to social media and confirmed their breakup.

''This is to make it clear that Mulamwa and I are no longer together. We have both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us. Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those 4years, I personally don’t take it for granted.'' Sonnie posted.

Mulamwah on the other hand has posted a photo and a video with another lady now identified only as RUTH as they get cosy with each other even to the extent of kissing.

He captioned that this is to new beginnings and will talk about everything later on

''To new beginnings, Rely upon the heart ♥️. Let the dust settle now... We will talk about everything when we find time. There’s a lot. For now rely upon the heart ♥️.'' Comedian Mulamwah posted on his official Instagram account.

Fans on social media have since shared varied reactions to the move by Mulamwah many arguing that he is moving too fast urging that he could have waited a bit longer before introducing new bae to the public.

Some stated that maybe Sonnie knew about this which may have caused their breakup.

Below are some of the varied reactions as posted by fans and fellow comedians on Mulamwah's new Girlfriend.

''Mnareplace watu haraka aje kama Sim Card.'' Comedian Eddie Butita commented about Mulamwah's post.

''Kwa hivyo hii picha walipiga kabla anyoe kipara.'' YY Comedian commented.

Pokot Niccur, ''Konkii asharudi sokoni Na ashampata mtu😂😂👏.''

Omenda Rogers, ''Hiyo picha pia ulipiga kitambo ndio unatuletea hapa mie najua sahi ukana kipara kubwa and I dont think if that is you..😂😂😂.''

Mwende, ''Aki mulah si ungengoja hata kidogo tu 😢😢. This looks so hurtful to Sonnie, it is too soon for this kind of posts.''

Joy, ''Na mnamove on haraka kama the next episode🤷‍♀️.''

Maggy Jones, ''Haha what is this now... pure spotlight chasing. I bet Sonnie knew what was going on because all these photos were taken kitambo. Sahizi Mulamwah ako bald and there he had hair.''

Tommie Moolah, ''Konki utaua ex na stress😂😂Wacha kumuonyesha hizi videos.''

Esther Awuor, ''Ningesema ni clout but after mumepakana mate..mamayooooo😢.''

Njesh Kelly, ''This is so sad and disrespectful to Sonnie, they were together for a very long time, even had a child together and even before anything else ndio hyo bae mwingine 😢.''

Kendrick Mulamwah with Carrol. [All Images | Courtesy]

Ketty, ''I bet carol knew everything about this😂that maybe a reason waliachana😂.''

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