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WWE Bayley loves Dr Britt

It's no secret that WWE SmackDown superstar Bayley and A.W.E star Dr Britt Baker have a lot of mutual respect for each other. barely even admitted that she was nice enough to allow Dr Britt to continue using the role model Monica due to her admiration for the A.E.W star Dr Britt

In a recent interview with New York Post Bayley was asked about her back and forth with Dr Britt on social media and whether fans of both promotions benefit from their interactions.

Bayley admitted that she loves Dr Britt she says that Dr Brit is awesome and everything she is doing is really cool such that she can't even hate her . She says that she has had a podcast and there's no hard feelings about it. Bayley says that there is no disrespect and that she only wants the best for doctor Britt because as a role model that's how you are supposed to react to such type of things.

Bayley was also asked about her hairdo and outfits on Smackdown recently and where the inspiration for her new Look came from and she said that she is a huge fan of egyptology and that's where she pulls her inspiration about her hairstyle.

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