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Size 8 shouts at DJ Mo over his refusal to undertake Male Contraception terming it "UnAfrican"

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been hitting viewers with one issue after another on their show The Murayas.First was the issue of a lack of intimacy,then came women being too close to DJ Mo and now contraception.

Size 8 and DJ Mo are not shy to share their life in public.The two got married and have two children together,Wambo and Muraya Jr.The birth of Muraya Jr came after size 8 opened up about a miscarriage and how it was hard for her to even carry her pregnancy to term due to her battle with Blood Pressure.

In a recent episode of The Murayas,the couple is accompanied by two doctors who specialise in reproductive health and contraception to talk them through the process.Size 8 inquires on the option of her husband taking the contraception and DJ Mo defends himself calling it "Against the African culture for a man to do so" and argues that he is yet to see an African man undergo any form of contraception.This statement is seen to anger Size 8 who argues that she is in hospital way too many times and DJ Mo should have taken one for the team to avoid her return to hospital over contraception.

Arguably so the two managed to resolve their issue on contraceptive amicably which begs the question,should more men engage in contraceptive?

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