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Milly Asks Her Fans About Tips Of Maintaining Two House Nannies

Kabi Wajesus and Milly Wajesus are one of Kenya's top upcoming Celebrity Couple. Milly and Kabi are also one of the most top influential couples. They have a massive following on You Tube on their You Tube Channel called 'The Wajesus Family.' Milly and Kabi are Content creators on YouTube.

Today Milly Wajesus is super excited because she is finally living her dream. Milly has always dreamt about having two house Nannies. Milly hired her new second nanny. Milly revealed that the reason she hired two Nannies is to overcome her fears and anxiety what if one nanny decides to go and leave Taji alone. Milly is super excited to have two nannies but she doesn't Know how to deal with two Nannies. Milly has gone ahead to ask her fans to help her with ideas to handle two Nannies.

Kabi on the other hand feels their house has become too much crowded of late. Kabi is not happy but in marriage not everything that your partner does will please you. At times you have to compromise your happiness to make your partner smile.

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