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Baby Number Three, Netizens React After Diana Marua's Sister Did This To Her While At The Hospital

Diana Marua jokes too much with her family In this case Mitchell. Mitchell and Diana are so open with each other and their jokes are too much. Diana Marua is not only jovial alone but also the husband to Mitchell Ian.

Diana had gone to pick her sister from the hospital after she gave birth. It was finally her day to get out of the hospital and head back home.

While at the hospital Mitchell tried to inform Diana that she had a flat stomach than hers yet she had just given birth. Diana didn't take it lightly, she tried to tell Mitchell and Ian why they would do that to her after she ensured that she delivered her baby through the best services at hospital yet they had to say that to her.

All in all Diana told them that it was just fat after one gives birth. She went on to tell Ian and Mitchell that she can go and have a talk with Dr Nyamu for her baby fat to be extracted. The story is here.

Netizens joined the story by saying this

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