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"I Hate Lowkey Haters" Vera Sidika's Reaction After A Fan Commented About Asia's Beauty.

Vera sidika has been on the spotlight since the birth of her child Asia. She has been gushing over how pretty her daughter is and how proud she is a mum.

Vera's pride has been mostly because everyone used to tell her that she can't give birth. She showed off her Pregnancy and her delivery process all to prove a point that she is the biological mother and that there is no surrogate carrying the Pregnancy on her behalf.

Earlier on, someone commented on Vera Sidika's inbox commenting and admiring in how Asia is. From her comment, she commented that the baby is very beautiful like her dad.

Vera sidika was so upset, calling it negative energy. She wanted to be that the baby is as beautiful as she is.

She ended up blocking this fan because she compared Asia to Brown Mauzo and not to her. It is not yet clear what the fuss is about. The baby can be as beautiful as her dad or her mum but vera sidika is considering anyone who doesn't acknowledge when it comes to Asia to be negative energy.

What do you think about vera sidika? Did she overeact?

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