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Sultana:Fatima's Bad Men Are Fired and Maria Escapes

Maria will finish digging the grave in today's episode . Maria informed Fatima's bad men that Mbuya had died and that he had been buried. The men ordered Maria to dig the grave to see Mbuya's body. They will call their boss Fatima and Maria will take advantage of the opportunity to flee. Fatima harmed Mbuya with the men but never killed him. Fatima now wants Maria after learning from the detectives that Maria leaves with Mbuya.

Maria will throw dirt at one of the men while fighting the other with a spade. Maria will flee, leaving the men struggling on the ground. The men will notify Fatima that Maria has fled. Fatima is furious and intends to confront them.

Fatima will get ready and leave the Major's house and meets Dida. Dida asks her where she is going. Fatima informs her that she is returning and ensures that she keeps JJ busy.

Fatima will meet the men and be let down by them. The man informs her that the body discovered at the graves was not Mbuya's. Fatima informs them that it is pointless for a small girl to brainwash their minds. Fatima had faith in them because she had spent a lot of money on them. Fatima fires them and demands that they return her money before they meet again.

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