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Zora: Yola Warns Zora To Stay Away From His Man

In today's episodes Lorreta will be at Madibas room. Lorreta tells Madiba how Zora is in love with him and he should fight for her . Madiba stops her and tells her she should never talk about that human being in his presence again. Madiba tells her aunt that he has stopped to love and his only focused about her his kids and dead father.Lorreta will asks him if his father is dead but Madiba tells her to leave. Yola will at the door listening the conversation between Madiba and Lorreta and hears everything.Lorreta will leave and Yola runs away not be seen.

Yola will not waste her time she goes to see Zora. Neema will see her and calls Yola but she doesn't wants stories. Yola starts looking for Zora.

Zora will get out and meets with Yola. Yola calls her " Chokora" and tells her she can't even avoid some lotion.

Yola warns Zora to stay away from his man Madiba since he was the first man to know. Neema will be listening and she can't believe what Yola is saying because she is married to Kwame.

Yola warns Zora again to never come to Madibas life again. Yola leaves and Zora will remain without saying any word.

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