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Uproar As Kenyans Zoom Into Senetor Millicent Omanga's Photo Only To See This

Senetor Millicent Omanga was today having fun with her friends and on the process they took photos. They really looked nice but one of the photos created attention. Behind her, a woman was seated and she was not sitting with respect.

Here are the comments:

David: Our concentration is even very far from you madam Omanga.Zooming is the only thing that is keeping us busy at the moment.😂

Joseph: It's okay because you decided to show us the one behind you atleast we have learned one characteristic of being a nominee meanwhile enjoy the term is short

Osei: Huyo ako nyuma yako ameamua afungulie suez canal kabisa ndio monsoon wind iingie bila pingamizi......

Olivia: the lady behind you ameharibu hio picha,lakini you look beautiful... enjoy yourself coz life is too short.. 

Edward: Once upon a time, my little sister used to have a doll like this! She was called Demi! Naona at this rate we shall have many dolls. Zengine za matangari!

Davis: Huyo ako nyuma kidogo anafanya nisiconcentrati na ww lakini Sina budi ilhari ni buheri wa afya

Garvey: Hapo nyuma tunasoma tu BBI na nikama hii vita sio yetu wacha mungu atupiganie sisi hatuna nguvu.. 😂 

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