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A Man Claims Breaking up With His Lover Because She Doesn't Support Raila Odinga

A Kenyan man has caused stir online after he revealed that he parted ways with his girlfriend because of political differences. The man whose identity is unknown, reached out at the relationship advisor Benjamin Zulu seeking for advise from him after dumping his girlfriend because she isn't supporting Raila Odinga.

Here is the link to the full Information on Facebook.

Here is the screenshot of the full Information on Facebook.

There are some people who are obsessed with certain politicians and they are die hard supporters of them and ready to do anything for them. Hence Benjamin Zulu just gave people a good advise that you should date a person that you can control his or her emotions. Dumping a person for political reasons may sound weird but generally we ain't the same and everyone has their own level of temper and what they like, so make sure you are dating a person that you know him or her very well.

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