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Chiloba Shuts Gituamba FM For Operating Illegally, Owner Arrested

Since Chiloba assumed the office of communication authority he has led a swoop that has seen some stains closely of recent Gituamba FM. This is after he closed SaSa TV recently for airing indecent acts on live on air.

Chiloba is clear in his moves to ensure the right things are done so that moving forward only those who perform are given the mandate. The recent to face his wrath is Gituamba FM that has been closed indefinitely.

It's clear Chiloba is doing everything within his power to prove his credibility in the communication authority. It's a fact he has been at the forefront trying to deliver results and more to earn income to the government through proper licensing.

Gituamba FM owner has also been arrested for operating illegally without following the law as per the Communication Authority regulations. However as always it's a matter of wait and see of what will unfold as it's clear more TV stations are likely to be closed as well so that they conform to the CA regulations if at all they must operate in the country.

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