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Meet The Man Who Looks Exactly Like A Child That Has Left People In Questions

Some people do appear young but in the real sense they are very old. The modern world comes with plastic surgeries and make up application that will make a woman in her late 40's appear like a young spinster at her early 20's. Meet Tomislav Jursec, a Croatian man who's 23 but looks like a young baby boy who's breastfeeding. He is a famous Game of thrones actor and common for his nature of staying a decade younger all the time.

He'd somehow different as he has a problem in his pituitary glands that control his growth and development. He's just an IT experts who has found his way into TV shows and series because of his young nature. He's like an old man in a young boy's body. The condition had turned out to favour and enabled him to expand his career further.

It's funny to hear him say that he sometimes finds it hard to buy age restricted goods. He appears to young not to be allowed to buy some adult staffs yet he is one of them. This is kind of a challenge as he appear a decade younger when you see him. The problem he has is that the pituitary glands has developed a tumor that prevents emission of growth hormones.

This is not really normal but it's also said that such people live for long. This is however unascertained. Death is something there for everyone. Whether young or old. Tomislav is deficient of growth hormones because of the tumor on his pituitary glands. It's hard to get a person with such a condition as most result from genetic disorders. Tomislav's case is different. It's all out of nature as he is healthy and adventures his profession with courage and commitment.

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