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Finally Maria Speaks up After Her 3 bedroom House Trended Online

A story of Maria has been revolving around media platforms. This young woman build a 3 bedroom house from selling chips. This story inspired so many people to a point of trending around social media in the last few days.

According to her, her story begun after joining house dreams and construction Facebook page. She was inspired by how people gave each other hope in regards to owning their homes. In reference to her, she was just encouraging someone not to loose hope through a post in the group. However, she didn't expect the post to get even 100 likes. She us so delighted that she has become a famous figure in the country in just a few hours.

Maria Nairesiaey believed that it wasn't by her powers but the wish of God. In her opinion, she didn't ask for fame, neither did she ask for someone to like or share her story. She believes that everything happened miraculously. She also acknowledges that she could not have made it in life without immense support from her maternal uncle David Kimiti Kasirimo who held her hand all the way. Her uncles encouragement is something that Maria couldn't forget so easily.

From chips she proceeded to poultry farming majoring in broilers that has been earning her income. She also resolved to venture into Samosa business where she has been selling 150pcs of samosa a day. Each Samosa was selling at 40 shillings giving her quite a good amount of cash as well. Beside all these, she is also a professional chef who has been cooking in weddings, funeral among other functions. That is what has been sustaining her her life

Her story is an inspiration to many youths outside here who are on the verge of giving up. For the youths who are reading this post, God is great and everything is possible in your life. Say Amen.

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Maria Nairesiaey


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