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Embarambamba Introduce a New Dancing Style With a Goat (Videos & Photos)

Dancing requires the performers to match their actions to music, or to time their movements to fit the rhythm. This demands a correspondence between the auditory inputs, that the dancer hears and the motor outputs they produce.

The question on how is it that we are able to dance, when cats, dogs or monkeys aren’t? Is answered scientifically. The scientific evidence from multiple sources reveals a surprising link between imitation and dance.

As in the classical correspondence problem central to imitation research, the dance requires mapping across sensory modalities, integration of visual and auditory inputs with motor outputs. The recent research in comparative psychology supports this association, in that entrainment to a musical beat is almost exclusively observed in animals capable of vocal or motor imitation. 

Currently, the controversial Kisii gospel singer; Embarambamba, has introduce a new dancing style with a goat.The father of 5 kids is also known for throwing himself in the mud and jumping on trees like a monkey, but this time around he pulled stunts with a goat and took his game a notch higher.

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