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"We Don't Use Contraceptives, Every Month I Don't Turn Out Pregnant Is A Relief " Celestine Reveals

Celestine Ndinda is the wife to popular comedian Njugush. Cele hosts a program where she is able to educate women and all people in general about different types of things that go on in life.

Today, Celestine hosted a nurse on her show and they were talking about the different contraceptives that women use to avoid pregnancy.

In an attempt to raise awareness, Celestine had to come out and open up about her personal life and that of his Husband Njugush.

Celestine Confessed that the two of them used to use condoms and at some point they would buy them in bulk until a point where it became so uncomfortable because at some point she started feeling itchy.

She also revealed that she tried the everyday pill, and later came to stop using it since the effects were so adverse. That was when she decided that she won't be using contraceptives at all.

At the moment, Celestine confessed that they only pray to God that she doesn't get pregnant. Every month she goes through anxiety, thinking that she might be pregnant and she is not yet ready to have another child.

Celestine is really moving up the ladder and coming out, being vulnerable with people to try and help out anyone who might be stuck somewhere with matters of life that most people find uncomfortable to talk about. It is such a great step she is taking towards greatness.

Different types of Contraceptives that can be used to reduce chances of getting pregnant.

1. Condoms

They are the most effective type of contraceptives. This is because it can be used to prevent pregnancy, STIs STDs and HIV.

Although condoms can burst, mostly, when used well, they can be the best solution to your worries.

2. Pills.

These are tablets that are used everyday. A woman is required to take 1 everyday for 28 days. During these days, they are protected 98% against Pregnancies.

Pills only protect a person from getting pregnant, but it doesn't protect you from diseases.

3. Implanon.

This us an implant that is inserted in the body and lasts fir a period of 3 years. It is 98 % effective, but does not protect a person from diseases.

4. Jadelle.

This is another type of implant that is lasts fir a period of 5 years. It is 98 % effective, but does not protect a person from diseases.

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