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Wonderful And Amazing Series To Watch If You Enjoyed Money Heist.

1.The Americans. Two Russian spies pose as Americans residing in Washington, during the period of cold war they work as spies for american government.

2. Dirty Money. The story is about corruption in business, exposing acts of corporate greed some of them including car company that cheats emissions tests to save money and the drama and shady deals that abound in Donald Trump's business empire.

3. Breaking Bad. Walter White, a chemistry teacher he has medical bills after discovering that he had cancer which made him enter drug business to repay the bills. Hands down one of the best drug shows out there, you can't give this one a miss. The best moral lesson you should take home is to avoid drugs.

4. Bodyguard. David Budd(War veteran) who is assigned to protect the home secretary, whose beliefs and personality are constantly clashing with his.

5. Fargo. This is American black comedy crime drama television series based on a true story, if you liked Money Heist, then this might work for you.

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