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6 Powerful Photos That Will Make Your Week Better

For every photo, there is always a story behind it that inspired a person to take the photo. When you see some of these photos, they will either light up your day or make your day look dull. Photos that light up your day make you take a close look at them because they bring happiness. Below are 6 selected photos for you that will light up your week.

1: Love without boundaries

This picture shows a tender friendship between animals of different species. That is a cow and a cat.

2: Smiling donkey

Who thought that a donkey could smile? This donkey was saved by the people in the picture and it looked so happy with a smile on its face.

3: Kindness in heart

In this picture, the lady who is a flight attendant is feeding an old man.

4: Trekking home

In this photo, two boys were captured walking home from school in Nairobi Kenya.

5: Risking life to save life

This boy saw a young deer sinking. He risked his life by diving into the water and saved the young deer from drowning.

6: 23-hour successful operation

In this photo, professor Zbigniew Religa is seen resting and exhausted after a 23-hour heart transplant that was successful.

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