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"Don't Get Children With Somebody You Are Not Sure About" Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has turned into a relationship advisor, after romours surfaced that, they have broken up with her long time boyfriend Benpol, who is among the top Tanzanian artists. Anerlisa who is a daughter to Keroche breweries Ceo, has come out openly via her Instagram stories and warned everyone, but I think this warning was for ladies most, that they don't get children with someone who they are not sure about, they can do all sought lf things but if it comes to getting children never accept it. Below is the screenshot of Anerlisa's advise.

I think this is a wise advise, and Anerlisa has been into on and off relationship, she is experienced when it comes to relationships issues, but where the problem is, most people especially men, today fake their characters, and they make most girls trust them and even allow to carry their pregnancy, and once they do that, Men start cheating on them and mistreating on them, so my question is, how can you know that someone is serious in a relationship because here at Nairobi, relationship is just a word and things can just change anytime.

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