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TikToker Cindy's Boyfriend Claims He Wasn't Aware That She Had Already Broken Up With Him

Cindy is a popular social media influencer and a TikTok star too. She's been trending online after developing a very hot misunderstanding with her boyfriend. The guy identified as Shaq the Yungin is also a top influencer posting amazing content on social media handles. These two have been dating until a few days ago when Yungin came out publicly and exposed his girlfriend for cheating on him with his best friend Sean. The guy claims that he's seriously hurt after realizing that the girl and his bestie just chose to betray him. That kind of exposure made the girl retaliate by also telling her side of the story which seems to be a bit different from that of her ex boyfriend. 

Cindy claims that she broke up with her boyfriend a long time ago after the affair bacame toxic. She says that moving on with Yungin's best friend shouldn't concern him since she has already broken the bond between them. However, Yungin has revealed more details claiming that he didn't know that they parted ways. Cindy just walked out of the relationship without updating him. He's shocked by that revelation as they were together six days ago and the girl even confessed her love for him.  

The guy has wished Sean and Cindy all the best in their news relationship. He's already tired of daily arguments plus the betrayal hurts the most. 

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