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Sultana:Dida Throws JJ Out Of Her Room

In today's episode, JJ will enter Dida's room and finds her sleeping. JJ tells her not to worry and that he will be there for her. JJ will then be sorry and tells her not to be stressed she will get pregnant again.

JJ advises Dida that tomorrow they must visit a doctor to clean her uterus because every woman who has a miscarriage must go through that. JJ tells her that is good to be fully checked up by a doctor to prevent future problems. Dida tells him that he wanted that to happen and should leave her room. JJ will plead to let him stay with her and not to think too much but Dida throws him out.

Later Major will find JJ outside very stressed. He gives him some alcohol and JJ will not resist. Due to stress JJ will take all the alcohol and goes to sleep.

Fatima and Dida should stop playing with JJ's mind.

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