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Touching And Very Sad Story Of This Lady From Kerocho (Photos)

Touching Story Of A Lady Who Stayed In Hospital For Over 30 Years (Video)


Meet The Story of Shantel Who Lived In Hospital For Thirty Years After She Was Burnt By Fire

Watch the story of a woman who lived in the hospital for good 30 years and when she came from the hospital founded that her parents died many years ago.

According to the story shared by one big YouTube channel which talks about the life of people on the way they strive daily in life, Afrixmax has shared a painful story of a lady who is called Shantel. According to Aframax Shantel was burnt accidentally by fire when she was 4 years old, and her parents decided to take her to a hospital for medications because of how the fire-damaged her face.

Shantel disclosed how her parents left her while she was in the hospital and she taught that maybe they would come to check her, but no one appeared from that day. She was hoping that maybe some from the family will one day come and visit her while receiving treatment at the hospital but no one ever visited the hospital.

Because her parents and relatives never visited her she closed hope and decided to wait until God was going to show her hope. While at the hospital she got a good Samaritan who was paying her bills of the hospital for that year but later the sponsor disappeared, and the hospital decided to take care of her for the last 30 years.

She was released from the hospital after recovering, but he was surprised after finding out that her parents were not alive, they died many years ago, this was another sad moment for her again.

The life of Shantel while in the village was not good at all, she was being bullied, humiliated, and at some points given funny names. Later on, she was married to a man who gave birth to two children, but the man left them after get bullied from parents.

Currently, the lady is struggling in life, because whenever she gets a job she later gets fired because people are claiming her face scare children.

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