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Sultana: Mwenzele In Trouble, Maneno Warns Him To Stay Away From Zuu

Mwenzele and Maneno are workers at Major Jabali compound. The two takes care of Jabali's livestock and makes sure they are in good health. Mwenzele loves Maneno's only daughter, Zuu and he has being hiding it from Maneno. Mwenzele and Zuu are always meeting secretly for Maneno not to know.

In the last episode Mwenzele brought a Lesso to Zuu as a present but Maneno found it. Maneno was aware that the Lesso belongs to Mwenzele because he saw it while their were at Major Jabali's compound.

In the upcoming episode Maneno finds Mwenzele doing his normal work but is not happy at him at all. Maneno is holding a panga and asks Mwenzele why he brought his daughter a Lesso but Mwenzele defends himself that Zuu send him to take the Lesso from one of the black tailors. Maneno warns Mwenzele to stay away from her daughter because he will cut him into pieces using his panga. Mwenzele tells him to adapt that because she has a daughter and men should follow her. Maneno will just leave.

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