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Terrence Creative Breaks His Phone While Saving A Drowning Wife, Milly Chebby

Terrence creative and family have been in Naivasha for the last couple of days most probably taking a break from the busy life of Nairobi and celebrating their latest achievement on their wash wash biziness skirt.

The family has been spotted living their best life and having the best moments. However, their little happy vacation almost turned tragic when Milly started screaming for help while drowning in the deep ends of the swimming pool they were having some time at.

A panicked Terrence creative was prompted to act quickly to save her wife and in the process, he broke his phone. However, the whole ordeal turned chaotic when Milly went forward to claim that he was pranking Terrence and that she wasn't drowning.

This got Terrence all rilled up blasting the wife for kinda jokes. He went like, "She was drowning na anasema ni joke my phone almost broke, I don't like pranks by the way coz siku utakuwa unafanyikiwa na kit serious watu hawatakuamini.

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