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Angry White House Chef With 22-Inch Biceps Responds To Women Calling Him Too Fat

Andre Rash is an American White House celebrity Chef and military Veteran. Rush worked as Chef in the White House for four administrations. The retired master sergeant of the US Army has gained popularity and huge following on Instagram due to his large biceps and muscular physique.

The Celebrity Chef has recently responded to his haters who have been criticizing and body shaming him. According to Rush, most of those criticizing him are women.

Rush says these hatters have been complaining about his huge body saying he is too fat, too big, too skinny,he doesn't deserve muscles among others.

" Give credit where credit is due. Recently I have been receiving a lot of body shaming and criticizing especially with the female community. You're to big, you're to skinny,you're not suppose to have muscles, you're to fat, you're..." Angry chef Rush stated.

Below is the screenshot of the post shared by the celebrity chef on his official Instagram account;

Below are some of the recent photos of the giant chef;

Content created and supplied by: Glydrokor (via Opera News )

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