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Divorce Affair

"No Regrets for my Divorce, l Wish him Well in His New Marriage." Gorgeous Artist Confesses

Their wedding was one of the best in those days. She was happily married but things turned sour in her marriage. Rachel Njeri is well known because of her thrilling music. Her music career started in the early 90s.

Unfortunately her marriage had many challenges where it became difficult to withhold. Her Husband was already alcoholic and this made rachael unhappy. Her life became miserable.

Luckily she decided to move to America in search for greener pastures because life in Kenya was not comfortable.After moving to America life became good.

"Although was doing good in America i kept thinking of my husband because I loved him. I cried day and night. Losing my marriage was the worst thing that happened in my life. I would call him every time and also ask friends of his while about here in Kenya. Luckily I was able to move on after one year of denial."Rachael says.

Rachel moved on with life. She now have no regrets about her divorce because she accepted it. She also wish her husband well in his new marriage.

Rachael is now a role model to many.

Lessons to learn

One should accept divorce if the marriage is not working at all.

It's good to cry and let it go and never live in denial.

Find a counselor to advice you about the issue of divorce.

Never include children in your whole issue. Never show them how you argue or abuse each. This may affect them mentally.

Move on with life because you must accomplish your dreams at the end of the day.

Wish your partner all the best in his or her future life.

Never put grudge to each other after divorce.

Never tell your children bad things about your partner.

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