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Pregnancy period

Sultana: Dida Collapses And Loses Her Pregnancy After Receiving Bad News Of Father

In today's episode, JJ tells Dida that they must do a pregnancy test to know the old of the pregnancy. Dida is shocked because she is aware is not pregnant and if JJ finds out it may not be easy on her.

Later Dida tells his mother that she is tired and must Inform Major's family that she is not pregnant. Fatima warns her to remain silent because they have no other place to stay. Dida tells her JJ wants a pregnancy test and Fatima will be shocked. Fatima warns Dida not to tell anyone.

Fatima informs Dida that all their properties have been taken away and her father is in the prison for not paying his debts. Dida will just collapse. Fatima will try to wake her up but she will not. Fatima will take out her lipsticks and applies to Dida's trousers. Fatima did this for Major's family to think is blood. Fatima will then starts shouting for help and Major and his family will rush for help.

Fatima informs them that Dida fainted after she heard her father is in prison. Major will call JJ and he will not take much time. JJ will check up on Dida and after minutes she will get up. Dida will ask what's happening but JJ tells her to cool down. JJ informs her that he has lost her Pregnancy. Fatima will cry but all of Major's family will get out.

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