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Zora: " Nana Amecheza Kama Yeye" Oliver To Chase Zalena In the Name Of Love

In today's episodes Oliver visits Nana. Nana asks him what's it brings him to his house. Oliver tells Nana that's is very sorry for what happened to her wedding. Oliver tells her that he still love. Nana tells him that he has no any mercy to any Chibales but Oliver insists that he truelly loves her.

Then Nana tells him that if he loves him then he should fix his family because she can't stay with Zalena, so Oliver should chase Zalena for Nana to stay with him.

Oliver accepts then he leaves. Nana will be left laughing.

Oliver will find Zalena very stressed. He won't talk to her but on his mind will be planning how to replace Zalena, he says that Zalena will not believe the queen he will replace her with but Zalena is minding her on business.

Zalena should be prepared to pack her things because soon she will not be part of Chibales.

Content created and supplied by: Chistina0 (via Opera News )

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