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Azziad's Latest Photo WIthout Make-Up Gets Kenyans Sparks Uproar Online

Renowned social media personality Azziad Nasenya. [Photo | Courtesy]

Renowned social media personality Azziad Nasenya has attracted attention on the internet after she shared a photo without makeup. Azziad who enjoys close to two million followers on Instagram shared a rare close-up photo of her face. The photo showed her natural look without makeup or filters; something that turned into a subject of discussion.

Renowned social media personality Azziad Nasenya. [Photo | Courtesy]

Azziad's photo has sparked varied reactions on social media. The majority of the social media users took to the comment section of her post where they expressed their varied opinions. A good number of the netizens commended the media personality for not shying away from sharing her natural look.

Renowned social media personality Azziad Nasenya. [Photo | Courtesy]

They pointed out that most celebrities fake their appearance to drive a certain impression. According to this group of netizens, celebrities such as Azziad who are not afraid to share their photos without make-up and filters should be praised and encouraged to keep up with it.

Renowned social media personality Azziad Nasenya. [Photo | Courtesy]

Critics on the internet had their own fair share of opinions. They argued that Azziad had gotten her fans used to see her with makeup and filters. This section of the netizens noted that by so doing, Azziad had put most of her fans under pressure with unreal looks. They proceeded to note that it is not good for public figures to fake their appearance, given the fact that there are many people who look up to them.

This is not the first time that Azziad is becoming a subject of criticism on the internet. The radio presenter has found herself on the wrong side of social media users severally. She has developed a thick skin against negative comments.

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