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What Caused Yamoto Band To Split As Revealed By Mbosso Khan

Yamoto Band was with no doubt one of the best musical groups in Africa. The band comprised of four members who were all Tanzanians. The members were Dogo Aslay, Enock Bella, Beka Flavor and Maromboso. The original name of the band was 'Mkubwa na Wanawe' but was changed to Yamoto Band after their first single hit 'Yamoto' became a huge hit in Tanzania. Some of the hit songs released by Yamoto Band before they parted ways are; 'Nitajuta', 'Mama', 'Mkubwa na Wanawe', 'Niseme' and 'Nitakupwelepeta'.

Yamoto Band was unfortunately disbanded in 2017. Well, there have been plenty of rumours trying to explain why the band was disbanded. However, Mbosso Khan who was previously known as Maromboso revealed to Pulse what caused the band to split. According to Mbosso who is currently a member of WCB, the main reason that caused the split of the band was financial issues. The band was not making enough money as expected and that is why they decided each of the members should start doing music on his own. However, he confirmed that they are still friends who occasionally meet.

Mbosso Khan told Pulse:

"I would like to say it was the income. The money we made used to be split among many people and it wasn't enough, so everyone decided to do music on his own. There is no other problem because we keep in touch and even meet."

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