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Te Doy La Vida: Ernesto Looses Everything as the Real Ernesto Appears


We started as Horacio had just arrived to visit Nico and much to his delight he hugs him, puts him on his lap, bullshits with him, tells him everyone misses him and asks him how the food is. Nico says it's good then all Nico's friends want to get in on the action. They are introduced to Horacio who greets them warmly.

Crazy Ernie meets with a new lawyer about getting Nico back. She says there isn't much hope because of the charge of neglect against him. He tries to play that off as not a big deal just a mistake. He's desperate to get Nico back but the lawyer doesn't think there is much that can be done.

Pedro is trying to give Elena hopeful words. He's got a special job (or project) in Italy (not sure about all of this). He'll fight for her and Nico! They'll all be together! She is encouraged. He wipes away her tears and they hug. Horacio walks up to report on Nico: He's doing really well and has friends and Elena is happy.

There is a "passage of time" mont age first showing Crazy Ernie's lawyer and Elena's Long-Suffering Lawyer bickering and then Gina and Carlos doing the dirty, Nelson holding Maria as the guys at the taller are happily looking on, then more lawyer bickering then Pedro comforting Elena. Then we get the "días después" message and everyone is in court.

The judge says that neither Elena nor Crazy Ernie can have Nico. Everyone is disappointed. Then Elena's Long-Suffering Lawyer suggests Horacio get custody and presents some paperwork. Crazy Ernie makes a big stink complaining that Elena's got so many family members while he has none and this is giving her an advantage. He's very vocal and pissed about it which surely endears him to the judge who has to tell him to be quiet. 

Comandanter Hottie is discussing Crazy Ernie's case with Det. exNun (Inez). She thinks that Crazy Ernie saw the real Ernesto's body or somehow knew he was dead which is why he was so confident that he could assume his identity with the real Ernesto popping back into sight. Comandanter Hottie thinks this is a good thought and will try to contact officials in Canada to confirm this. He and Inez have a "moment" of smiling at each other which goes nowhere of course.

Horacio visits Nico to tell him that he can't go back to his mom or dad yet but opefully he's going to be able to stay with him, Horacio. Then he shows him a message from Elena on his cell phone where she says she loves him and is looking forward to seeing him. (Props to Horacio for filming this in the proper "landscape" mode on the phone.) Nico is verklempt at seeing his mom and Horacio hugs him. 

Meanwhile, Crazy Ernie is meeting with his lawyer. She thinks Horacio has a shot of being approved to take in Nico. Crazy Ernie is very upset. He thinks Elena's side of the family is being favored over him, because he has no family. The lawyer reminds him that this is just a temporary situation and the judge will eventually make a decision between them. She encourages him to work with Elena on custody. He doesn't want her near his son. He goes to his car and gets a message from Irene, who misses him. He ignores it and looks a little disgusted. She's watching him from her parked car and looks upset. She follows his car.

Andrea visits Gabi at work and updates her on Nico's custody, yadda yadda. They don't think Crazy Ernie has much chance of getting Nico because he's all alone.

Nelson visits Ester and is dropping off Maria for babysitting. After a little bit of prodding, he admits that Gina has no maternal instinct and is a big dud in the mother department. Augustine however, is a fantastic parent. Ester adds that Nelson is a great Abuelo as well. He has to leave and she tells him don't be in a hurry to get back, she's got no obligations today and is enjoying Maria.

Speak of the devil, Gina is meeting up with Carlos for a tryst. She admits that she really looks forward to seeing him because taking care of Maria and doing the taller bookkeeping is such a drag. He invites her to come to L.A. with him. He's got things set up for a job, etc. She says she can't because of Maria, and he suggests that she dump Maria with Nelson, since he loves caring for her so much, right? Gina looks excited about this notion.

Pedro visit his new boss with some sort of design, which the boss likes. Pedro sees a magazine ad for a car contest for electric cars and he's interested in it. The boss encourages this, and says he'll help him because it would be a feather in his taller's cap if Pedro is a big mechanic star. Pedro laughs at this notion but takes the magazine with him. 

Something with the guys at the taller and Nelson. Didn't understand much, I think because of their slang and accents.

Pedro, Elena and Comandanter Hottie meet at his office. He has an update about the whole Crazy Ernie identity theft thing. Officials in Canada say that in 1993 Crazy Ernie (Miguel Hernandez) came to the Ontario station to identify a body that might have been the Real Ernesto's. But Crazy Ernie/Miguel denied it was him. Eventually the body was buried, but before that, the Canadians took photos of it and got some DNA samples. They're going to compare it to Isabel and see what they find. If there's a match, they can establish that Crazy Ernie is indeed Miguel Hernandez.

Nelson calls Gina about a surprise birthday party for Augustine. He wants her to be there. No way, she says, clearly bored. He pushes her to do it because Augustine has been such a good dad and a great guy and has put up with her crap. She begrudgingly says yes, but don't expect much because giving Maria was enough. Nelson is frustrated by her horrible attitude. 

Elena and Pedro are in a car and talking about their soap opera lives and how great it will be to get married, be together, and have Nico. Pedro hopes that someday Nico will accept him as his dad. Elena is confident it'll be okay. He dreams of the day that Nico will call him "Papa" and he doesn't know what he'll do when that happens!

The boys at the DIF facility are clustered around Nico's bed at night. They're all telling how they got to be there. Nico tells his story simply—he has two dads because he was adopted. He wants to stay with his mom and Pedro, his second dad, who donated marrow to save his life. The other kids think this is a fascinating story.

Horacio gets the good news from the lawyer—the judge has given him temporary custody of Nico. Much rejoicing!

Meanwhile, Crazy Ernie gets the same news from his lawyer. He is at a loss for words and starts to cry. (Nobody can cry like Jorge Salinas!)

Comandanter Hottie has Inez (Det ex-Nun) hovering over his shoulder as he shows her a document on his computer. It has been confirmed that the suspected cadaver of the Real Ernesto is related to Isabel. Now we know that Real Ernesto is dead. Great news! Inez is in close proximity to Comandanter Hottie and gives him a little too much of a longing look. We have another "moment" and Comandanter q Hottie decides to make a move to kiss her, but she chickens out and scoots to the other side of the desk. He apologizes, says it was the excitement of the moment. He asks her to come with him as they tell poor Isabel the news. Inez agrees and privately her expression is a mixture of nervousness and schoolgirl delight over the near-kiss. (Sheesh! They are dragging this out!)

Elena pops in to Gabi's office to tell her the good news about Nico's temporary custody with Horacio. Much glee ensues. Then a subdued and sour Crazy Ernie asks to speak with Elena.

Samuel is at college and I think he's talking to someone about a contest or competition that he's entering and he's worried that because a judge is one of the teachers that he let down earlier, that he has no chance. He also worries that he'll never be able to pay back Gabi (presumably the prize money would have been enough to do that). 

Crazy Ernie wants to see Nico. Elena says that's not up to her, because she doesn't have custody. He'll have to take it up with Horacio. He grumbles about that and then again explains that he loves Nico, he's his life. She replies, "Why should I help you after all the hurt you've caused me?" He replies that it's not for him, but for Nico. He again begs to see his son and apologizes. He'll do whatever she asks. He doesn't want Nico to think he abandoned him. She says it's too little, too late. He would have deprived her of her son for a long time had she remained in jail. After more protests and heartfelt tears (the way that only Jorge Salinas can do them!) he leaves in defeat.

Comandanter Hottie and Inez come to visit Isabel in her room, with Sister Bernardina with them. Isabel is delighted to see Inez, but doesn't immediately recognize this handsome young man (Comandanter Hottie). "Oh, he must be your husband! You got married!" she cries. This causes smiles and dimples from Comandanter Hottie as Inez explains that he's the grandson of Abuelo, whom Isabel knows. She then remembers him. 

Then Inez gets to the meat of it—they have news about Ernesto. It's painful to see Isabel get all excited as she imagines that Ernesto has finally returned from Canada. She looks around for him, hoping he's outside the door. But when she sees the somber expressions on Inez and Comandanter Hottie, she starts to realize. They tell her the sad news and she breaks down.

Elena has told Pedro how Crazy Ernie wanted to see Nico. He can't believe it, but Elena believes the love that Crazy Ernie has for Nico is sincere. Horacio arrives with Nico, and Pedro and Elena greet him and hold him in their arms, rejoicing. There is a welcome back party waiting inside the home, with Gabi and Monica there too. Nico is assured that Elena will be staying with him there too. He tells Gabi about his friends back at the DIF facility and there is much happiness. Then Samuel and Andrea arrive. Andrea gives Monica the side-eye but is happy to see Nico. Elena thanks her for coming.

Among the festivities, Samuel and Gabi have a moment to chat. It's a little awkward. He asks her where Gustavo is. She says he was busy. Someone is at the door and Horacio says he'll go down to see them.

Sister Bernardina asks Isabel how she feels. "How do you think I feel? For all these years, I had the hope that I'd see my son walk through that door. And now this.

It was Crazy Ernie at Horacio's door. He, of course, wants to see Nico. He'll do whatever they ask, drop the charges, yadda yadda, whatever. Crazy Ernie is subdued and somber. Horacio says no way. They go back and forth. Horacio reminds him of all the crap he's done. He whines that he needs to see his son, HIS son! He tries to say he did things for the love of his son, but this doesn't wash. Crazy Ernie is tearful and contrite but it's not good enough and it's too late. Horacio finally just walks away. 

Pedro is telling Nico about his work and Nelson's taller. He wants his friends to see Nelson's taller, and of course Pedro immediately agrees. He explains that he'll have to ask Nelson and that he (Pedro) is working elsewhere now. Nico is excited and asks Horacio if he can go, and Horacio says of course.

Crazy Ernie returns to his empty, dark, silent home. He looks at his room with the photos of his former happy family on display. He looks desolate. He has a message from Irene (typical "I miss you, call me!"). He ignores it and starts to cry.

Elena tucks a contented and sleepy Nico into bed. She returns to Pedro in the living room and tells him that it took a while to get Nico to sleep because he's afraid of being separated from her again. (Poor kid!) Then everyone talks with optimism. Horacio reports that Crazy Ernie had tried to visit earlier but he was sent away, yadda yadda. Horacio comments that they only good thing about Crazy Ernie is his love for Nico. But nobody wants to think or talk about Crazy Ernie right now. Pedro has to go and leaves Elena with Horacio and Monica. 

Comandanter Hottie, Inez, Sister Bernardina are having an official meeting with Isabel about what she knows about Crazy Ernie, aka Miguel Hernandez. He was her servant's son. After she died, he had nowhere to go. Ernesto asked that Crazy Ernie aka Miguel be allowed to stay on. (She was willing to tell him to go.) Then when Ernesto went to Canada, he just didn't come back. Eventually she asked Crazy Ernie to go look for him in Canada, which he did. But when he came back, he was no longer "Miguel," he was Crazy Ernie, who insisted that she call him her son. But he was "the other." "I don't want to see him, I don't want to, I don't!"

Pedro and Elena bring Nico to the taller. They chat with the Proud Abuelo, Nelson, as he is holding Maria in his arms. After some pleasantries, Nico asks if he can bring his fellow DIF buddies to see the taller tomorrow. "Por supuesto que si!" cries Nelson. Just then a dark cloud approaches in the form of Gina. Everyone is silent for a moment and relieved when she walks on by. Pedro, Nico, and Elena then say their goodbyes. 

Nelson meets Gina in his office. She bitches because he allowed Pedro and Elena there. She complains about how everything would be different if Elena hadn't appeared, yadda yadda. Nelson reminds her that she brought a lot of what happened on herself. She complains some more, finally leaving after making a swipe at the job he's doing for him. He calls after her with frustration.

Comandanter Hottie calls Horacio to say that Isabel was lucid enough to make a statement against Crazy Ernie and now they can move forward in nabbing his crooked ass for identity theft.

Gina has taken Maria away from Augustine at the taller because she is such a spiteful heifer and doesn't want Rosa anywhere near Maria. Agustin calls her out on treating Rosa so badly. She claims that Rosa is in love with Augustine, which he thinks is absurd. She says if Rosa is so upset, he can go comfort her. He mutters under his breath that Rosa is supportive of Maria, unlike Gina. 

Gina is at home and calls Carlos. She's in front of her laptop. She says she's sick of it all and she wants to go with him to L.A. He says she needs money—300,000 pesos (approx $13.5K USD). She takes a deep breath and transfers 600K pesos (almost $27K USD) to herself, away from Nelson's business account. (We all saw this coming!) This leaves him a paltry 30K pesos ($1350 USD). 

At breakfast at Horacio's house, Elena is worried about what Crazy Ernie might be up to. Monica says that the office said he was working from home. Horacio says don't worry, he doesn't know that they're onto his identity theft. Nico comes in, having just gotten out of bed and is excited about visiting Nelson's taller with his friends. 

Meanwhile, we see a desolate Crazy Ernie, sleeping on Nico's bed, clutching a photo of Nico, remembering Nico saying that he loved him. He gets another message from Irene, again claiming love, she can't live without him, etc. But he just tucks the phone away, disinterested, and cries over the loss of Nico.

Comandanter Hottie's partner Chavez has the order to take in Crazy Ernie! "Let's go!" says Comandanter Hottie. 

It's the big day at Nelson's taller. The DIF lady and Nico's friends have arrived at the taller. Pedro asks them if they're ready, YES! Then all the mechanics come out, single file, to meet the boys. They look proud in their uniforms and holding their wrenches. 

At Crazy Ernie's house, Comandanter Hottie, Chavez and other police are all swarmed around. The maid comes out. He says he's looking for Miguel Hernandez. She replies that this is Crazy Ernie's house. He shows her the order to take him in and explains that Miguel and Crazy Ernie are the same person. Meanwhile, Irene is in her car looking at all this going on, in shock.

An endearing scene with the taller guys showing the DIF boys all their tools and telling them how they get stuff done. The boys are enjoying it. The DIF lady looks on approvingly. Augustine is showing Nico some tool and speaking so rapid-fire I cannot understand anything but apparently a mechanic's tool is also used by Mexicans for something fútbol, yadda yadda. Nico doesn't understand a bit of it, but it's a cute scene.

Then Nico turns to Pedro and says, "Papa! Papa, can you help me?" Time stands still as Pedro absorbs this, Horacio and Elena look all verklempt. Pedro slowly approaches Nico and asks "What did you call me?" and Nico repeats it. Then Pedro grabs him up in his arms and says, "I am your papa! I am your papa!" as the theme song swells.


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