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Straight Facts! Akothee Tells Single Mothers The Bitter Truth In This Lengthy Post

Esther Akoth Alias Akothee is a woman who does not mince her words when it comes to telling people the truth. The self-proclaimed president of single mothers is turning out to be a very wise woman. From her experience, she is the right person to address single women on how to handle their situations.

In her latest Instagram post, Akothee reminds women about how strong they are. She tells them that they should not pity themselves if they find themselves not ending up with the fathers of their children. According to the single mother of five, women need to take responsibility even when the men decide to disappear from the lives of their children.

“Gone are days when we cornered men with children, 🙆‍♂️ unfortunately, one man can impregnate 100 women in a year, and 1 woman can only get pregnant once a year 🙈,” says the flamboyant singer and business lady.

She emphasizes that any time a woman wakes up thinking that the man that impregnated them must take care of them and their kids; they are only creating a fertile ground for depression, anxiety, disappointment, humiliation and pain. Women should use that energy to work on themselves and put their lives together.

‘When you financially and emotionally depend on someone, you are giving away your freedom. You close doors of happiness and independence; you are forever disappointed and weak,” advises Akothee.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Akothee Safaris goes ahead to tell women not to waste time bothering a parent who is not interested in participating in the life of their own blood. Here is a screenshot of the post.

Many of her followers strongly agreed with her and here is a section of the comments;

Faith Jaqy said, “ 😘😘😍😍i love the strong true words.”

Gladys Macharia said, “😍This is so true ...... it's a high time we ladies up our game and try to live a better life that we ought to live...... to avoid all sought of humiliation that we can.”

What is your opinion on Akothee’s sentiments?

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